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AFCI's in moble home


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It has been a while since I inspected an mobile home. The ones I have inspected are older ones.

I inspected a 2010 model Saturday and there where no AFCI's in it. I know they are built by other guide lines but I thought they had to meet the National code.

Where can I go to, to find out about this.

Thanks for your help.

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In our state counties used to put blanket age restrictions on permitting manufactured homes. State law struck those down in 2010 as arbitrary. Since then localities rely on inspection to make units permittable. Local inspectors can't cross jurisdiction lines, so private guys, like me, have been doing those that cross boundaries.

My inspection uses the locality's checkoff, and mainly verifies that a unit can make it down the road and be put back in service.

I have never seen arc fault in a manufactured home.

Thanks for your link, Marc.

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NEC 550.25 fine print note: It should be noted that this requirement does not supersede the current HUD 3280 requirements for factory-installed wiring in manufactured homes.

That NEC requirement kicks in only when a manufactured home is used for commercial purposes, like an office, instead of a home.


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