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Crawl Space Critter

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Jesus Christ if I came across this critter doing an inspection my career would be over. Not only would I quit I would run like hell to the nearest exit. People buy these dam things when they are small and then they grow to this size and they dump them. When one of these snakes eats a kid the owner should get life without parole in a snake pit. I don't want to be in the same State with one much less my home.

Paul Burrell

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The crawlspace is not the only place yo will find them. I have found 5 skins in one attic at the access and it was the type attic you had to crawl to look at. We have seen two live snakes in attics that we where walking in. Even one time we found a fresh snake skin at the crawlspace door that was not there when we walked around the house to do our exterior inspection before we did the interior inspection. The crawlspace is always the last thing we inspect.

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I was doing an inspection of a home that had been vacant for several months a few years ago. The attic access had been turned into a whole house fan so there was no way to get into the attic, which made be very happy because when I turned on the fan 6-7 baby copper heads dropped down onto the floor. I do not like snakes at all but the look on the realtors face was priceless. I did another where I found copper heads in a very clean and open crawl space, the seller and his adult son on a very hot day where sitting in the garage getting drunk during the inspection. When I said something to them about the snakes the son jumped up, got his 22 rifle and went into the crawl space and started shooting, the inspection ended right then.

Tom Barber in VA

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