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I came across a type of sub flooring I am unfamiliar with. It's a mortar type material, about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Based on what can be seen in the basement it is over a wood subfloor and wood joists. Linoleum was laid right over this material.

I suspect it might be a fireproofing or sound proofing material. The problem is is has cracked and the floors are uneven.

This is a four unit multi family built around 1942.

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We've done a few structural floors that had a couple inches of fiber-reinforced concrete over 1/2 inch decking instead of just regular 3/4 decking. It was said to produce a very quiet floor.

This was the mid-80's though.


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Hmm... 1942?    Military base housing perhaps?? (I don't find buildings built in 1942 around Boston... though a few near the coast may have been)... I'd suggest they make sure the cementitious composite was tested for asbestos-content just to be sure...    Exactly where was this property? 

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