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Need reassurance!

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I need some reassurance on an issue.

I did a reinspect on a new construction home with the main disconnect located at the meter. The main distribution panel wired as a sub panel with a 4 wire feeder and ground and neutral separated. The bonding screw was removed from the neutral bar, but missing at the ground bar.

The electrician is stating if he bonds the ground bar to the panel that the AFCI breakers will trip and he can't do that?!? Am I missing something here?



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The sparky is wrong.

Check the AFCI wiring: Branch circuit neutral and hot both run directly to the AFCI device. White pigtail on AFCI runs to neutral bar.

It may be that this sparky did a job where he had problems with a newly installed AFCI tripping and thought he had wired it wrong but the issue was a fixture or appliance that was sparking. I had one of those myself and it can be a PITA to figure out where the sparking is taking place. These AFCIs work very well.


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