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Bamboo Flooring


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Anyone have experience with bamboo flooring. My daughter picked nailed down strand bamboo from Lumber Liquidators. She has had bad experience with first installmerna and several others who will not install it. Looking at reviews it seems like there are plenty of complaints and not just nail down, strand, or LL.

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I installed about 1000sf of it a few months ago. It was not nice to work with.

It's brittle and marks easily.

It splintered when cut.

There is more resin than fiber so it demolishes saw blades.

It's hard as hell and would frequently jam the nail gun.

The tongue and grooves were not machined consistently and a large number of planks had to be pounded together, several wouldn't fit at all.

The slivers are like needles. Wear gloves.

If I ever install it again I'm charging a 30% PITA fee.

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