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New Forum Member Introduction

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I did not find a new member thread so I thought I'd add an introduction here...

Greetings, all.

I am in the process of converting my residential remodeling business into a home inspection service (new name, website, etc.). Although I have conducted comprehensive site evaluations for past clients in the past, the method of communicating my findings was an itemized estimate. This is quite a bit different than a home inspection report.

As I work through my preparations for full-time inspection work, I wanted to touch base with other professionals in the industry, so I join the TIJ forum today. I look forward to getting to know you as I continue to develop my business.

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Checked out your website; not much to go on. Is the site still in production?

Yes, it is, Kurt.

It's a bare-bones site at the moment. I wanted to establish a presence online so it would filter into the search engines by the time I'm ready to hit the field full time.

My remodeling business website is a bit dated, but can be seen at http://bigpineonline.com

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Grant, been out of town for a few days and missed your initial post.

We are over in DeWitt, Mi and always welcome new folks into the business. Come over and see us and you could even buy me lunch! Actually, I don't eat lunch - but do drink coffee!

Stop by.

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Welcome Gmedich! This is great group of guys who are very knowledgeable. I lurk and read most of the time and when I have a questions I search first as most questions you will find have already been asked and answered.


I'm a over the top guy when it comes to the ladder. It just feels more comfortable for me. I like it better because I can center myself better on the rungs vs. stepping on and off form the side. I always feel like I'm going to accidentally knock over the ladder from the side. Especially when using an Extend and Climb.

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