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Strange marks on shower tile


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There's a long horizontal fine crack about 4 feet up .......

Where the guy installing cheap tile didn't tape or otherwise secure the cheap substrate seam (probably greenboard)....

I'd do nothing until I did it all, meaning live with it until I stripped it to the studs.

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Before I were a HI we had our house finished up to drywall.

Wife, well I, did the tile on painted greenboard. Lasted 25 years. It's Achilles Heel was I finally put down grout between the tub and wall cause it be easier to clean. Hot water shower shaving mirror head dripped on a corner and helped push hot water up under the grout to the framing/sub floor area on the other side. About 3 weeks after I dun got back from my 2 weak HI school my wife says what's that black stuff on the floor in the closet. Grout took me out! The airborne termites came in.

I redid it. Spent well over a month. We have another shower up stairs. Like doing my first kidney replacement and the patient had lots of spare time.

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That's funny.

It's canon amongst HI's that greenboard is garbage and doesn't last a week. HI's are a sanctimonious bunch.

Early on in the game, I used to see it all the time in 60's houses w/4x4 white tile, and honestly, the stuff held up pretty good for a couple decades if the installer didn't do dumbshit stuff like butt the board down on the tub. I'd never use it, but then again, I'd never use durock now that we have Kerdi.

I'm not surprised that your greenboard job held up.

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