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Collapsed Firewall in townhouse


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My Townhouse was built in 2006. There are a total of 12. Out of the twelve at least 3 of them have had their firewalls collapse in the attic, including mine. One person had his replaced for $1500. Can the builder be held responsible for this?

Eleven years later? Would probably take a lawsuit (assuming builder didn't go belly-up after 2008).

Why did "one" person have his replaced? Wouldn't that have affected two units?

Sounds more like a Homeowner's Association thingy.

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If they've "collapsed," then they certainly were built wrong.

In order for these walls to work properly, you have to have proper coverage on both sides. Just fixing the drywall on *your* side won't have much value.

I'd get the board to hire a contractor to fix all of them. It should end up being cheaper for everyone and the work will be better if it's uniform.

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I agree with Jim, get it fixed, just last week I did an inspection where the unheated,detached garage built in '96 had drywall fastened with nails. The drywall was still up. There may not be enough ventilation in the attic space. There may be mechanical ventilation dumping warm moist air into the attic, making the drywall deteriorate. Or the installer hammered the nail heads though the outer layer of paper. There is several things that could cause this situation, to properly fix it you need someone who knows what they are doing to come and have a look. As to who would pay for repairs, maybe check with your board? Might as well get them all done at once.

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My neighbor who had his fixed said the contractor said it was installed with regular nails instead of wood screws.

This might be another outgrowth (or tumor) from Holme's show. He's always bragging how he only uses screws instead of nails. I've even had customers comment or ask "did they use screws or nails"; when I question them why they asked, it's always "that's what Holmes does".

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