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I don't see why it would need a separate or additional grounding conductor. That assumes this 'circuitry' is within the main structure.

Whatever it is, exposed energized surfaces makes it looks homegrown...and a hazard.

This is why we have enclosures.


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I was making a joke. There's so much wrong here and such grotesque electrocution and shock hazards, I was going tongue in cheek.

This mess is typical of rural China. No ground electrode, there's not even ground wires in circuits, open knife switches, no gfci, outlets in showers, and everything is conductive because construction here is solid concrete. Everything.

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The clear plastic boxes are cool. Fried connections will be easy to spot.

The straps on the latches, are they sealed by the utility provider?

Few societies are as anal about safety as we are here in NA.

What electric device do you use in the shower? Would you need to charge a cellphone, maybe? [:)]

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Some of them feel like suicide showers. I pay very close attention to what I'm touching. I'm always working to avoid any action that might provide a current path.

This is standard issue in rural China. My bro in law grew up without electricity.....that's in the 70's and 80's. Not long ago.

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