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Flat roof with bitumen/blisters


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Hi everyone. I have a flat roof with bitumen that is about 4 years old. There are blisters and uneven surfaces. While it is not obviously leaking, the interior attic is warm and sprayed with closed cell foam, making leaks difficult to detect. There are multiple points where water can come in.

I have a quote for a roofer who wants to cut and nail the blisters, nail down insulation to make it even, and then cover with a new layer of bitumen and aluminum paint. 

I would like a surface that has the highest possible life expectancy (though I don't mind repainting every few years). Is there a better option? What approach would you take? Thanks so much in advance!!




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That roof is a horrible mess.  Nothing correct with the installation and the later patching made it even worse.  It really doesn't look 4 years old.

It needs to come off.  I can't imagine any roofer willing to install something over that.

I also feel bad for the slate roof.  It looks like it got attacked by the bucket-o-tar guy that patched the low slope roof.



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