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Ride Along Request NOVA Area

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I'm currently enrolled in a Virginia home inspection training program and am hoping to find some inspectors that will allow me to ride along. I've been a general contractor for over 15 years, performed countless home inspection repairs and know several realtors that are eager to work with me in Prince William and Fairfax counties and surrounding areas. Any opportunities will be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest getting with the folks at the NOVA ASHI chapter.  Most chapters welcome new inspectors, usually the first couple/few meetings before requiring membership. Many chapters don't meet in the summer though.

You're more likely to get folks to take you out if they meet you first and see a professional demeanor.

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I've got some questions I put together recently for a survey for recent homebuyers in Louisiana asking if they asked their agent for an HI referral, if the agent volunteered an HI referral, explaining what an COI is then ask if they'd rather have known that the agent/HI had invoked such a COI, etc but I doubt I'd ever come up with enough dough to hire a survey company to carry it out.

If I did, I'd take the results to the Consumer Protection Committee of either legislative house and try to convince them to pass some disclosure requirements: if an agent or HI invokes a COI, they gotta tell the client in writing before they do it so the client can put that referral in the proper context.

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