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Steven Hockstein

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Methane is not going to be the issue from an explosion in this set up. Methane (Natural Gas) is CH4 whose molecular weight is 16. Air has a molecular weight just over 28 (since it is mostly N2) The Methane is so much less dense than air it it will proceed straight out the vent.

The culprit in any explosion in this rig would be Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) whose molecular weight is 34. This gas is more dense than air and if it makes it up the vent to the fan 'junction' it could back spill into the bathroom.

That being said, the explosion concentrations in air for H2S are from about 4.5 to 45%. This is so much higher than the allowable limits that if you started getting any serious H2S concentrations in the area, it would run you out from the irritation of your eyes, mucous membranes and lungs before there would be any explosion.

Still wrong though.


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