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Hey everyone, My name is Mike and I'm currently enrolled in the AHIT program.  I'm currently in IL working at a machine shop for the past 16 years.  I run the quality control lab.  CMM programmer, development part inspector, first article reports and a few other things not related to HI.  This career is sucking the life out of me and I have always thought about getting into this field of work.  I have been a member of a CMM programming forum for 10 years and I know how valuable a place like this can be.  Being a part inspector has given me a ton of respect for details and reporting thoroughly.  I look forward to asking a lot of questions.  Based on what I have seen here so far, everyone seems to be respectful and helpful.  For now, I will be spending most of my time searching for discussion topics to answer my questions.  Thanks in advance for everyone's time and expertise.    

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Thanks Jim.  This option seems to be my best bet.  The community college program near me is not any better.  I am trying to go above and beyond the training that AHIT offers.  Trying to cram as much info from other sources at the same time is a challenge but I am determined to use all possible sources.  I welcome your corrections and any answers that are provided by this forum.  I am not one of those know it alls or a close minded individual.  I have quite a bit of experience with home repair, I know that means squat, but it has helped with some terminology already.  I am aware of the down falls of this course and hope to make up for any short comings by using a variety of resources.

I have read a ton of reviews about AHIT and I am ready to deal with the negative aspects.  This is one of the reasons I came here. 

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