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Kneepads & the February Issue of JLC

Terence McCann

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I have an ongoing battle with nerve pain in both knees. I just went in for radio frequency treatment on both knees which has helped quite a bit. Anyway, it was with great interest that I read the article "Choosing Kneepads" by Mr. Michael Springer.

I've tried different kneepads from the big box stores and they were so-so. So I picked the the 3 kneepads that I thought would help the most based on Mr. Springer's recommendations. After trying them my pick for the most comfortable and easiest to wear are the "Patella-T Non-Wedge" kneepads. Very comfortable, do not rotate off the knee, your not always trying to lift them back into place and when you kneel down the padding is great.

I highly recommend these for those with knee problems (or for those that want to avoid the added wear and tear).

*edit* Thought I should throw in the link.


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Originally posted by carle3

Real men don't need no stink'in knee pads. [:D]

Tell that to my Dad. After nearly half a century of knocking nails on thousands of jobs he had to have total knee replacement in both legs. So now he's got one new hip and two new knees and he walks better than I do.

Now mine are starting to act up. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out.



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Bilateral Knee (both) replacement 1/2002. There is life after knee replacements. Court sports and extreme skiing are out.Any activity that will provide torque to your new knees is out.

It is possible to climb ladders, walk roofs, crawl crawls, irritate Realtors, write reports, strap on good knee pads for a brief kneeling experience, almost anything else you used to do.[:-banghea

Jack Ahern Needham on the Charles

Bridgton, Maine

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I've always worn knee pads if I had to work on my knees, just because I have knobby knees and all of my weight winds up resting on two spots the size of a quarter.

I thought it was a good article. I'm considering trying some new ones, but I don't know that I need the pricey Patella-T's for the small amount of use I would get from them these days. I'm looking at the McGuire-Nichols Rockers. I like the slim design and the hard cap for $20 less.

Brian G.

Captain Frugal [:-masked]

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Originally posted by hausdok

*edit* Thought I should through throw in the link.


Spell check will miss those pesky synonyms every time. [;)]

Thanks Mike. This is my third spell checker and it still misses those. [;)]

Jeff, I see that the link doesn't work for some odd reason, could be having web troubles.

If you Google Patella-T Non-Wedge kneepads it should come up with other links for you. You can shop around for the best price too.

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