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Is this mold and/or mildew?

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those coils are filthy

have them professionally cleaned & replace or clean filter more often than what is seen

we have compromised grandmonsters & use the higher quality washable type filters in our systems

bought two of all sizes needed

i clean & swap weekly 


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Yeah, that's likely mold on your AC cooling coil.  They all do that, mine included, on account of all the condensed water there is around there.  Just clean it often enough to calm yourself down.  I do it when I'm looking for something to do around the house, every couple years, I estimate.  I've serviced ACs since the middle 80's and inspected houses for 17 years.

Relax, relax, relax.

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Right, Marc knows mold, living in swamp country all his life . 😎

Mold doesn't grow on metal, it grows on the dirt on the metal. There has to be some dust or dirt for it to eat. Metal window frames collect dust and moisture, and then a bit of mold will grow on that. Some algae don't need much food, that's the green slime you see on a car that never gets washed. When it dies, it turns black. That black stain is harmless.

There is a black mold that releases spores that can be an irritant to some people, and it is often seen when drywall is allowed to get wet. That mold grows on the paper coating of drywall.

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