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Dissolved Cable

Jim Katen

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I've never seen this before. The MC cable was secured to a basement wall with some very attractive metallic & velvet wallpaper sandwiched between the two. The cable sheath just dissolved into a white crust. My best guess is that this is the result of galvanic corrosion, where the metal in the wallpaper acted as a cathode to the cable sheath, which acted as an anode. Any other ideas? 


RIMG0203 (Medium).JPG

RIMG0204 (Medium).JPG

RIMG0205 (Medium).JPG

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other factors causing the rust & staining makes me suspicious of just galvanic corrosion

i've seen similar evaporating MC in commercial from rats or mice using the cable as their highways & byways 

their urine isn't metallic friendly


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4 hours ago, Jim Katen said:

The whole area was very damp. You can see a bloom of green mold at the upper left side of the 1st picture. However, I saw nothing to suggest any other corrosive substances. 

I'm not sure why leakage of current would matter? 

You can use a wet cell to produce electricity or you can use electricity to promote galvanic action. I know its alternating current but it can promote galvanic action half the time.

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