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Competetive Rates on E & O Insurance From OREP


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Working with Lloyds of London, OREP is providing competitive rates for E&O insurance coverage for home inspectors in 48 states.

Minimum premiums begin under $2,000 ($100,000 limit). The premium for $1 million in E&O is $3,200. State taxes and fees apply ($250-$350 additional).

Policies cover all inspectors in a firm for one low premium* and include coverage for radon and pest/WDO at no additional charge. Prior acts coverage is included for qualified applicants. There are no additional “per inspectorâ€

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I requested a quote from OREP in June of 2009. It took 4-5 weeks to get anything from them, they blamed it on relocating there office. There quote came to me 2 weeks after my current policy expired.

I now use State Farm Specialty Product E&O insurance, by far cheaper than any other quote that I recieved.

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I understand when a person has a gripe, but what purpose is your post? Seems to not have any productive purpose at all.

As a counter, here in Mid-Michigan, State Farm will not insure any business - period. They do not want any risk business. So what have I accomplished by that remark? nothing.

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Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know that OREP has expanded its coverage to include general liability at no additional cost, in its E&O coverage program, in all states. Most other ?incidental? coverages are included also, like pest and radon. $300,000 aggregate limit is $1,250 and includes all these coverages, plus discounted education and more. Simple, convenient application allows you to avoid quoting time and gets you back to work quickly. No taxes, no policy fees. Check www.OREP.org for more. OREP has been writing insurance for inspectors for 12 years and publishes Working RE magazine: http://issuu.com/workingre/docs/homeins ... ode=window

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