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Main Breaker Broke???

Jerry Simon

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Looks like somebody smacked the handle tie, breaking off the ends of all 4 handles. The left pole will only provide half the intended power because one of its breakers is switched off. If that's a 200-amp panel, it's unlikely to be an issue because few homes will actually draw 100 amps from one pole at any given time. And if the house tried to draw much more, the other breaker will just trip.  

Of course, the entire main breaker should be replaced. 

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About twenty or so years ago, there was this forensic engineering firm in North Carolina that reported issued with 200 amp Siemens load centers. They would get hot and eventually melt down and burn through the back of the panel. At the time, they'd investigated about seven cases and were looking for more. I bet that Google could find that report for you.




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