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Understanding Attic Insulation and Ventilation

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Everyone wants to learn about mold these days but understanding mold is only half the battle. You also need to understand how to deal with its major contributing factor - moisture.

This series of free on-line courses will help you do just that. You'll have to register in order to take the courses but don't worry they're free. Click here.

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I'd seen the Certainteed on-line courses mentioned before by Scott P. and others, but never got around to looking them up. That's quite a selection of useful subjects they have there. Bookmarked that puppy.

Mike's at it again! Posting like a madman! [:-angel]

Brian G.

Always More to Learn [:-graduat

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Yeah, like a madman.

I save stuff all month long 'cuz I'm too lazy to start the thing at the beginning and have it ready at the end. At the end of the month, after I've been promising Mike and Rose that the thing will get out on time, I allot myself one day and one night to get it all together into the Update. Guess what? It never works out and usually takes me about 3 days and a couple all-nighters. Then I post 'em to the boards in the dead of the night so I can finally go crash.

I'm already promising Mike and Rose to have it ready by the 3rd week of the month but I'm guessing they won't be holding their breath come March 31st.

OT - OF!!!


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