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Crawlspace Creeper for Sale!

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I'm offering crawlspace creepers for sale. I'm also a certified home inspector. I think this tool will help others as it helps me.

The Crawlspace Ace is built with 1/4 high grade aluminum and built to last. Comes to in 2 Different sizes, 16.5 Wide and 14.5 Wide.


Crawlspace Creeper 1.jpg

Crawlspace Creeper 2.jpg

Crawlspace Creeper 3.jpg

Crawlspace Creeper 13.jpg

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Three cheers for innovation.  All that device needs is a motor and an operator outside with a remote.  

I was never in the military but my belly crawl is fairly well polished, and would not accommodate another item of gear not to mention the added height.  

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