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Is this asbestos duct tape?


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Hey all, 

Can you visually assign a probability (low, medium, high) in the following photos of duct tape in my basement containing asbestos? The house was built in 1940. 

I recognize confirming would require lab work. But am interested in your opinion as my landlord may be responsible for testing and beyond if there is a high probability this is asbestos, with the tape deteriorating the way it is. 

Next, if you believe this is asbestos, based on the condition much of it is in, do you suggest moving out until it is remediated? 

Thank you.










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If you call an asbestos removal contractor to look at that, they won't test it, they'll tell you to remediate. Your landlord will argue remediation isn't necessary. That's when you pay for testing.

If you're worried about asbestos in your housing you should consider moving to something built after 1990 or so.

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