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What is happening here? I did an inspection of a condo today. It was the end unit of a 4 unit building. No seller present. The disclosure statement says a french drain had been installed two years ago. The sump is filled with gravel and the pump motor is buried in the gravel and still plugged into a live outlet. The float is also buried in the gravel. There is about 4 inches of water in the sump but there is no sign of this thing ever overflowing.

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A guess,

They installed a french drain, used pea gravel small enough to fall into the perf pipe instead of quarterstone and never sleeved the pipe. The gravel has been falling into the pipe and is being washed to the sump well where it buried the pump and float.

Since it hasn't overflowed, the ground probably perks well and the pump was probably not necessary.

My guess, can't theorize much else without seeing/knowing more. [:-blindfold]



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