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Michigan Licensing

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The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors is anticipating that legislation to license home inspectors in Michigan will be introduced in the Michigan House, possibly as early as next month. If you are a home inspector in Michigan and want to know more, contact MichAHI at www.michahi.org and join the association. An application is available at the association web site. Membership is as little as $50.00 annual dues.

Political conditions are currently ripe for legislation licensing home inspectors to pass the house, and possibly the senate. All Michigan home inspectors should take an interest and support the work that the association has been doing in Lansing to protect your profession. The current circumstances in New York State should be a wake-up call.

Cheap is as cheap does!


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Come on Randy - you know I spend more time on this than most anyone. I guess I should frame my response with "I have personally spoken with all past sponsors of inspector regulation, as well as both major political party delegations, the Attorney General's office and the Department of Licensing and Economic Growth and have found no current interest in inspector regulation at this time." If there is information to the contrary, I will pay my dues and you can fill me in.

For the record: The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors is a fine and active organization of inspectors from all over the state of Michigan. They are a very good resource for information. As with any association, it is run for the benefit of their members. Call them - they are a nice bunch of people.

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