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Will this work?


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There will always be water in the green/ basement sink vent line. It'd work OK if the sweep tee were replaced with a tee and if there is adequate pitch on the green/ basement sink vent line.

It'd be best if the vent line for the basement sink was joined above the shower drain.

Currently, it's wrong.

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Originally posted by hausdok

Uh guys?

I agree that tying the basement vent in with a tee above the sanitary tee from the bathtub would be better, but didn't anyone notice the orientation of the sanitary tee to the right of the green arrow? It's upside down!

OT - OF!!!


That's standard orientation for a vent tee. Water isn't supposed to flow through it and if you put it in the other way, the angle would be all wrong.

The vent needs to tie in not only above the shower drain, but above the level of the shower's flood rim.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hi Jim,

I guess you're right. My bad.

I suppose it might be the shadows and the coloring, but it looks to me like a sanitary tee, not a sweep tee, that's been flipped upside down. I thought there is a little flap of pipe extending into the that vertical leg in a sanitary tee that will capture water draining from above when it's installed with the "opening" downward. However, I just checked Mr. Cauldwell's "Remodel Plumbing" and he shows a sanitary tee flipped over on a vent configuration just like that and says it's OK.



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