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Low voltage lights by pools

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Saw a pool today that had low voltage yard lamps within 5' of the pool.NEC Article 411.4 says they must be at least 10'away unless permitted by Article 680. The lights were plugged into a GFI protected outlet.I went thru 680 and did not see anything to dispute the 10' rule.My thought is since it is on a GFI it is acceptable.Would this be correct?

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Pools and I are strangers. I think I've had only 5 - 6 homes with pools in 10 years. That said, I think it has to be at least 5ft and on a GFCI so I think you're OK.

Now watch Norm or Mark come on here and nuke the guy from the opposite corner of the country. [:-scared]

OT - OF!!!


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NEC Article 680.22(B)(1),(3),(4), & (5) spells it out. The NEC doesn't differentiate between low and high voltage Luminaires(lighting fixtures), these sections state no electrical fixtures may be placed within 5' of the pool unless they are at least 5' above the maximum water level, are rigidly attached to the existing structure and protected by a GFCI circuit.


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411.4 Locations Not Permitted. Lighting systems operating

at 30 volts or less shall not be installed in the locations

described in 411.4(A) and 411.4(B).

(A) Where concealed or extended through a building wall

unless permitted in (1) or (2):

(1) Installed using any of the wiring methods specified in

Chapter 3

(2) Installed using wiring supplied by a listed Class 2

power source and installed in accordance with 725.52

(B) Where installed within 3.0 m (10 ft) of pools, spas, fountains,

or similar locations, unless permitted by Article 680.

So lets look at 680 for a sec....

Nope...enough looking as the modifications of 680 do not remove the issues of the above section. Since these lights are and will not be above the pool height to meet anything regarding 680....the 10' distance stands.

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