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Four houses on my block are concurrently have new roofs installed due to hurricane Wilma.

The first house on the right has failed the final 4 times and when it rains it leaks.

The house in the background has been dried in and passed its dry in but leaks.

The home on the left is in the process of being dried in, it has a red tag but I haven't read it.

The house to the right of that has been dried in but no red tags.

One of the roofs just finish on my block leaks. The roofing contractor told her if he comes out and doesn't find a leak she will be charged a service charge of $150.

7 out of 10 houses on my block got or getting new roofs.

The prices went for 6-8 G's before Wilma now 12-16 G's. It takes about three months from rip off to final. Most of the roofs are done by out of town crews paid by the roof. We still have a ton of blue roofs.


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It's the 21st century version of carpet bagging.

These guy's follow the weather. In summer, they chase hail storms around the midwest, in winter they hit the hurricane "damage" roofing down south.

That's one industry that should require regulationg and inspections.

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I know that neighorhood. Howerver its really not diferent from any other neighborhood down here. Am currently dealing with a 5000 square foot home in Weston that is leaking like a sieve after the dry in. Too many damaged roofs down here and not enough qualified workers. Most of em come from out of state. I'm seeing roofs that pass the final inspection that would either make you laugh or turn your stomach.

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