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Masonite T1-11

Terence McCann

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Sure, but he titled his thread "Masonite" T1-11. Does Masonite still make it? T1-11 is a pattern designation originally used for grooved plywood graded for use as both sheathing and siding. Then manufacturers began producing engineered wood products that looked similar. Around here, I see the plywood product, L-P has a version and Weyerheauser has a version. I'm sure there are others. Can't say that I've ever seen the Masonite product around here though. Did you try contacting Masonite directly?



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T1-11 was first developed as a siding pattern by the Douglas Fir Plywood Association, now APA (http://www.apawood.org/index.cfm). It was very popular when I was an APA field rep back in the late '60s, and may date from the late '50s. It is still being produced today. I have it on my house and replacement panels are available.

The real T1-11 is not Masonite, but Masonite probably has a similar siding panel design.

If you really need to know, you can ask APA at their web site.

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I have seen the Masonite panel product only once, and the one application had failed miserably. It bowed and puffed out and puuled out past nailheads and left seams open. The homeowner was still trying to get some kind of remedy from vendorand/or manufacturer at the time.

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As I recall, T 1-11 was a Champion Lumber product. It was structural at 19/32nds and tongued. 11inches of face and one inch groove. I believe it was made with a propriatary process of extreme pressure and heat under license from a company in Germany. First I knew was 1961 with a major process change in 1976 that eliminated the voids in the skin.

Around here any patterned plywood is commonly referred to as t 1-11

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