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DeWalt Model MBF

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Joy of joy, I just acquired (for FREE!) a coveted DeWalt Model MBF radial arm saw, the only radial arm saw I've ever considered worth owning.

The entire thing is cast iron & weighs about 220 pounds. Every setting has adjustable dovetail ways, & the thing adjusts like a micrometer.

Made in the United States of America when DeWalt was a division of the American Machine & Foundry Company.

Anyone else got one of these? I'd love to talk.....

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I'm on a dialup & can't google effectively; does your pic show the green "splatter" finish?

This thing has 1/2 degree settings. When you touch the carriage, it glides like a sharp blade on ice; theres' a friction setting so one can set the amount of resistance & response. When you're adjusting this thing & it hits the presets, it clicks like a micrometer.

The blade I've got is a pretty good Freud carbide; near as I can tell, there is zero wobble; wood comes out the other side like it's been jointed.

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