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Roof painting?


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I’d like information/opinions on painting a new anodized aluminum standing seam roof.

Is there a special preperation and application protocol for painting aluminum roofing panels?

Is a special paint required?

Thanks in advance,

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I have always found Sherwin-Williams company to be my best resource for painting specs. I have a couple of alum vans that I have changed color on a couple times and the product I used was a Sherwin-Wms professional coating.

Good Luck

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Even if primered, DTM (direct to metal) style paints should be used. As Les stated Sherwin Williams makes some outstanding water based DTM's. Oil based paints are no longer available in my state which has forced me to become a mail order smuggler to get my oil based primers.

Automotive single stage paints would excellent albeit expensive.

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Thanks guys!

SW is what I suggested to the client for product and referrals. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't some specific info that they may require before proceeding.

Their painter wasn't very forthcoming with his prep or finish material info. I suggested they contact another painter to furnish all info up front for their own research and peace of mind.

I think the guy was going to use the $25.00 a 5 from the local Habitat overstock store. Bought some for a rent house and wound up having to recoat with REAL paint. I think the stuff we sprayed was way old or had been frozen, seperated/streaked on the walls as it was drying.

Thanks again,

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Hi Barry,

Sorry I didn't answer earlier, I twisted my ankle badly yesterday and sitting up at the computer has been pretty painful until now. Anyway, when I saw your request my first concern was with solar gain. If you paint that roof with the wrong materials it could get unbelievably hot beneath it. I subscribe to Metal Roofing Magazine and tried to go to their site to snatch a coatings article I remembered reading a couple of years ago, but for some reason none of the previous issues are available online right now. I probably have that issue someplace, but finding it will be tricky. Just think of my office as a bookstore in one of the Harry Potter moview and you'll understand why.

Anyway, as an alternative, I suggest you go to the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition's site and do some reading there, because once that roof's painted the only way to fix it will be to repaint it.

Here's the link. If it's not too late and their archive comes back up, I can try and get to that article over the weekend and shoot it to you via email. Here's the link to the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition site: http://www.coolmetalroofing.org/index.htm. Check out their FAQ's.

By the way, a subscription to Metal Roofing Mag is free and definitely worth the effort it takes to go online and fill out a couple of panels. I frequently read comments on this and other sites made by folks who're poorly informed about metal roofs, their longevity and how they're supposed to be installed, vented and maintained. A subscription to this mag will make you a better home inspector. Go to this site to subscribe:




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That's a bummer about your ankle. Hope it heals soon. Elevate, ice, and TLC from momma is what's in order.

Thanks again for the links, I think I snagged the Mag the last time you posted it, because I see it's already bookmarked. I'll BM for myself and pass on the coolmetal to the client.

The client says he's dead set on painting. What can I say?

Thanks again,

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