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Could someone please confirm.....


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It's difficult to tell just by looking. I usually take into consideration the age the home/building, and if its mid 70's I would suspect that it very well may be asbestos. But in any case it takes a lab analysis to determine what the material is, and you may want to suggest that be done.

Robert E Lee

GENERAL Home Inspections

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Originally posted by rebmatgus

that this is or is not asbestos. It is not typical in my area but it was about an hour down the road where an old American Air base was located but that was cleaned up before I ever seen any. It has a pastey feel to it.

Thank you

It sure as hell looks like asbestos but I'd have it tested. Around here, anyone can take a bit of it to a lab and find out whether or not it's asbestos for about $25.

I've heard there's a gypsum product that looks like that and contains no asbestos. Never seen it myself though.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Years ago durabond and most topping compounds had two different lines: one with asbestos and one without. Gold Bond had a plaster of paris product for hvac that was asbestos free and one with asbestos.

My dime is on telling folks I don't know, but it has been my experience that ------.

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