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And of course, she's a mold inspector too!

I wonder if she's amember of ASPHI? The American Society of Psychic Home Inspectors. They don't need to have chapter meetings once a month, they kinetically talk to each other during full moons.

I hope that this article dies a quiet and quick death. Our industry has enough problems without having a wacko group in the press.


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They should be careful how they use the term "inspection". Perhaps a company name of "Ghost Busters" might fit better. In the area where I reside, there are quite a few psycic / spiritual fairs but the people know their limits and the elegalities. A few profess to talk to angels, dead folks and some animals. They are a very small percentage of the populace generally who have a strong alliance with good health, exercise and diet. I would not worry about them as competition for home inspections.

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