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I inspected a townhome yesterday that had both meter and service disconnects on one residents side of the fence. The respective panels were set in side the homes and had no main breaker. I felt that this makes the service disconnect inaccessible for my client. I haven't see this set up before, but, every other townhome in this addition was done the same way.

What I usually see is the meter base set in the middle of the property and each meter set on its respective side or in an area that is accessible to both residents.

I don't see that many "townhomes", but, I have done alot of duplexes and the duplexes are always set up with meters and disconnects or panels on respective sides. Has anyone run across a set up like this and is it an acceptable practice. Truthfully, I seriously doubt the owners are gonna move the service.



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See at all the time. As long as the client can walk into the other fellow's yard to turn off power to his/her home (I assume he must be able to if the person reading the meter for the utility can) it's accessible. Townhomes are like condos - one needs to share certain areas and other residents have automatic easements for some stuff.

OT - OF!!!


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