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Katrina Forced H.I. Franchiser To Pull Up Roots


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Last August, Greg Mangiaracina, founder of A-Pro Home Inspection Services was forced to evacuate his family in Atlanta just before Hurricane Katrina bore down on the gulf coast.

Seeing the devastation in New Orleans, Mangiaracina knew that if he wanted to carry on he had to relocate and relocate he did, in a big way. To read more, click here.

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Originally posted by Al Austin

Moving form LA with the weakest consumer protection and lic laws to Texas with a solid lic law is quite a major challenging adjustment for the relocated company...

Hi Al -

While I agree that Louisiana's licensing laws aren't the toughest out there, they're certainly not among the weakest. In fact (for what it's worth, anyway), ASHI's 2005 rankings of state regulations governing the home inspection industry places LA 2nd overall (just behind New Jersey at #1 and just in front of Texas at #3).

Applicaton for an LA license requires 90 hours of classroom education through a state-approved provider and 30-40 hours of supervised field training with a LSBHI-approved provider. You must also pass the NHIE, abide by the LSHBI SOP/COE and carry a minimum of $300,000 in E&O/GL, as well as complete an Inspection Reporting Form at the end of each month for the Board and submit a state-mandated fee of $5 per inspection.

More info at http://www.lsbhi.state.la.us/

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