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ABC Home Makeover?


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Anyone watch ABC's Home Makeover last night?

We are about eighty miles away from the family they helped here in Michigan.

The story was a young father died from exposure to mold in a house he bought for his family. I really do feel bad for this family's loss, but the producers botched up the mold aspect.

We have fielded several telephone calls from our past clients regarding the show.

Anyone else, besides me, think they fell down on the job?

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Hi Les,

Yeah, I saw it. Interesting that they upplayed the mold but didn't say anything about the fact that, since he's a fireman, it's possible he could have been exposed to some other toxic fume or element that he had a reaction to.

Mold is more dramatic and scary. Makes for better TV. I don't think that the producer cares about how many people they needlessly scare the bejezzus out of, they just want the dramatic effect.



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