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Had Fun with This One


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Wow, had some fun today.

Brand new home, finished in September.

Shot inside the bathroom upstairs - notice the two symmetrical cracks at the left and right hand side of the room.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif InsideViewofCracks.JPG

58.24 KB

Right hand side of the room.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif RightHandSide.JPG

65.7 KB

Left hand side of the room.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif LeftHandSide.JPG

53.17 KB

Close up of the cracks on one side.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif CrackCloseUp.JPG

86.72 KB

Exterior, front of home. Bathroom is the very top, center of the home - the little dormer / cupola looking thing.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif FrontofHome.JPG

81.32 KB

I think I've got some pretty good ideas what's happening.

Anyone wanna guess?

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Thought I'd get some more takers on this one.

The cracks in the photos are the largest I've seen in 8 years, old OR new homes.

Anyway, my best theory I explained to the client was that the box structure of the bathroom that created the dormer wasn't framed or secured adequately to the roof trusses / structure.

Our recent wind storms (record winds around 70 mph or so 3 weeks ago) probably have started to lift that box right off the house.

I saw it happen on a very high end home last year. The high winds actually blew a large wood framed chimney chase right off the top of the home. The builder had simply toenailed the chimney 'box' right to the tops of the trusses. I didn't research it myself (it was a friend's home) but my friend informed me that the builder was not liable - there are no requirements for attaching these things to a building. They can be fastened anyway the builder chooses.

I'm betting that's what's happening in these photos.

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