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Vented Closet?


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This is a continuation of my search on this home I did a while back with the mysterious 'Missing Link' furnace.

Hopefully, this one is easier to solve.

As I walked around the basement in a semi dazed condition over 'the chimney furnace' I came upon a hose connected to the bathroom wall about 24" above floor level and making its way toward the ceiling and dissappearing into the joist cavity.

I was standing in front of this wall with the pipe sticking out of it when the caregiver immediately jumped in and said that it belonged to the vented toilet.

CHIMNEY FURNACES!!??? [:-boggled]


VENTED TOILET!!? [:-bigeyes2]

Sometimes silence is a good thing cause I didn't know what to say. DANG, where have I been all this time, a vented toilet, aren't all toilets vented?

After walking around the bathroom, like a kid that just stole a candy bar I investigated his comment and found the following:

A perfectly 'normal' looking toilet (no picture, sorry) but when I opened the tank lid I noticed an indentation in the rear of the tank. It was 4" x 8" in size and midway in the back of the tank. It looked as though the tank was manufactured to allow something to happen behind it, like maybe a vent.

Has anybody run into this type of toilet before?

This inspection is THE most memorable day I've ever had.

Here's a picture of the neighbour (sp) a couple of doors down.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Neighbours_Medium.jpg

110.54 KB

There is a white naked mannaquin on a horse in the front window.

Anybody know a good therapist [:-spin]

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This is the basement bathroom and a bit of the closet showing.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif BasementBath1Medium.jpg

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It's a young couple buying the home with intentions of major reno in 3-4 years.

I offered to remove the furnace at no charge[:D]

There is a time when the only solution is the wrecking ball but this home is in 'pristine' condition, as though it was built a few months ago. It would truly be a crime to see it changed.

Ron, I think the Japanese have introduced something similar to what you describe. If I recall they come with optional heated seats, for those cold mornings.[:-cold]

To justify the cost, I'd have to move the office in the bathroom.

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