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Worst Roof of the year

Mark P

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When are you going to figure out that the language used in the flyers and such is intended to influence the home inspector's report more than anything else? They're betting that, if you hope to get future referrals from them, that you'll think twice before making them look like a monkey by saying anything contrary to what they've written.

OT - OF!!!


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Hum - never thought about it that way. I look at the MLS / flyers to find out when the home was built and for any other useful clues / disclosures – but have never even considered them as a source document for my report. Can't believe someone would liable themselves in such a way, when it is so obvious the roof is a mess. Were they hoping no one would get up and look at it? I’m recommending this portion of the roof covering be completely removed and all necessary repairs made and a new roof covering installed by a professional and reputable contractor. 22 years in the AF taught me a thing or two about integrity - so they'll have to find another HI to be their monkey, but business has been great, so I’m doing something right.

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