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Counter edge damage

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How do you write up that delaminated formica edge, broken formica near corners, missing or damaged tiles on edges etc.

Isn't that cosmetic and wear & tear? if was up on the counter surface I could argue that it might present a sanitation issue but on the edge its just seems a cosmetic issue.

Clients always seem to want that reported. How do you handle that?

Chris, Oregon

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If it's beyond the capabilities of the least handy person you know, armed with only some spackle and a paintbush or perhaps a hammer and a couple of finish nails I think it's a little more than "cosmetic". Especially kitchen countertops. If the formica is actually broken then there is no repair other than replacement of the whole laminate. Missing or damaged tiles will need to be replaced. Wouldn't you want that repaired if you were buying the home.

Write it up as...Repair: The kitchen countertop has "delaminated formica edge, broken formica near corners, missing or damaged tiles on edges etc." or whatever. Job done, and then it's up to the buyer, the seller, agents (everyone but you) to decide if it's going to be done or negotiated.

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I use the generic terms composite or plastic laminate countertop because

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...)

"Formica is a brand of composite materials manufactured by the Formica Corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. In common use, the term refers to the company's classic product, a heat resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate of paper or fabric with melamine resin........

........Arborite, a similar and also popular paper-melamine composite, was developed in Canada in the 1940s.

A line of laminates similar to Formica is made by Wilsonart International.

A line of laminates similar to Formica, but with top surface made of multilaminar veneer called Alpikord, is made by Alpi SpA."

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