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Water heater space requirements?


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Looked at a thread from feb 13th titled closet mechanical room no drywall,FDQ25 however it leaves me wondering about what I saw today.

While setting up a phone system I happened to need access to a utility closet in order to search for broadband splitters.

The lady of the house led me to the closet immediatly in front of the main entry door to her unit.

When she opened the door the first thing seen was a regular closet full of clothing and surrounding A electric water tank.

Com'on there is something so wrong about it yet I have no idea what the clearance requirments are on this.Anybody Know what they are?

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Something about so much going on around 220 just doesn't sit right,sure I realize the water is maybe a slight scalding hazard on the hot pipe,

But my issue is the voltage connection that could loosen with constant banging of storage items.Probably safe but it sent my spidey sense tingling when I saw it.

Too much coffee I guess.

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I agree with Richard. There's almost no way you can wire a water heater with NM and have it meet the 'fastened within 12 inches' rule if the water heater is positioned so that you can access the draincock and the thermostat and elements.

OT - OF!!!


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Just took a look at an installation manual for an AO Smith Electric Residential Water Heater, and they ask for 4" for servicing parts such as thermostats, drain valves and relief valves.

Was there a floor drain in this closet? Or did you notice the water heater at least sitting in a pan? Being in Chicago or surrounding area, I bet the electrical connection was at least BX if not EMT, so unless the connectors were loose I wouldn't worry about some mothballs banging up against it.

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Your probably right,but now I think of some scenario where a wire coat hanger shoots up into the junction box thru the junction box open knockout for the greenfield or bx.

Wish I was not in a hurry but I was running trouble calls on a time limit yesterday and had no right to dig thru the womans clothing in the closet to see the method used for bringing in the conductor.The one good thing coming out of it was that the maintenance guy was outside so when I asked him if all the units were the same way he ended up telling me he was selling his house while asking for my card because he saw the sign on my truck.

Hear that (captain).lol {and yes they are}

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