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Townhouse Firewall


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Thanks Jesse.

It was CMU in the attic.

The inspection went well as I am starting to enjoy myself when on the job.You were posting at the same time,so I will add yes first townhouse and it felt good with the developer there to show him what was wrong,and needed correcting.

So far I have refused to market other than the internet,but am slowly getting more response.

Will never sell out,as I might not have much but sleep well at night.Of course having a flexible job doesn't hurt.(Comcast)

Now to the report.I go 24 hour turn in.

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Hi Bob,

How ya doin' today?

I have never inspected a townhouse, but I have watched a few being built. I have seen a few different techniques regarding the firewall. I've seen double 5/8" sheetrock, on each side of a single demising wall (usually in conversions), 1" sheetrock on both sides of 2" fiberous sound proofing panels, between separate demising walls, and CMU's.

I've seen F-walls that go up to the roofline (or q-deck) and through the roof line. I've also seen some that don't do either. How did "your " townhouse address where the cmu's meet the roof? Or did they go through the roofline, creating true separate units?

Check out this photo, You can see into the ceiling of the next unit... and every unit on the floor.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif IMG_0348rs.JPG

67.74 KB

I realize that this is not a townhouse (it is a hi-rise building that was converted to a condo in the 70's), but it is something to watch for in any building that shares demising walls between units.

Here is a picture of one of many unrepaired fire penetrations between floors. These "chaseway" holes originate in the basement and continue 14 storys to the roof.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif mad1a.JPG

51.09 KB

When you consider both situations, Do you think this building stands a chance in a fire?

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