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My name is John and I am new and just getting started in the field of home inspection. I am working on my licensing requirements in Maryland. Looking forward to working in the field and participating on this forum. My business name is secured already and will be,

Arundel Home Inspection LLC

Nice to meet you all

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Scott, I understood.

After reading, "My name is John and I am...," I wanted to say, "Hello, John"

I guess Mike doesn't go to those meetings.[:-crazy]

And Mike! Teacher said proof everything, so that's "Now dig in..."

I am such a PITA today![:-weepn] You would almost think it was my job to go around finding stuff that's wrong!!! (Oh yeah)

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I just got my training material in the mail yesterday. I dont start classes until July 7th and I already have 2 homework assignments. one is alrerady done. This is the kinda ambition I needed 20 years ago. Better late than never huh? This is why I believe we should retire when we are young and then go to school/work when we get old. [:-graduat

BTW, does this forum have an option for email notification per thread subscription?


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