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pull block for main dissconnect?


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Originally posted by CheckItOut

Is a large pull block considered a main disconnect?

Yes, certainly.

This 1962 house had one panel and it did not have a throw for disconnect. I'm guessing that if you pull this there would be an opening ripe for fingers to get shocked.

That's unlikely. When you pull out the fuse block, there'll be a bakelight case behind it that covers the knife-slot connectors and makes it difficult to inadvertently touch them.

Here are some pictures of an old Walker-ITE design that might be close to the one you saw.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

Image Insert:


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Image Insert:


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Image Insert:


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If that is the old catridge fuse pullout,I can understand were he might be a little freaked out not being used to it.

Those things show off a little spark at times that can take getting used to.When I was young I would pull them off with with rubber handle channel locks.This was so I could change cartridges for the elevators.

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