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FiOS - The Next Big Internet Fad

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Well, just when some of us have weaned ourselves off of dial-up and are testing the waters with DSL and wondering whether to take a timid peek at cable broadband, along comes Verizon with their new fiber-optic internet service (FiOS) and 15 Mbs speeds. [:-banghea

Here's an article from ZD Net about the next 'big" thing in internet:

http://ct.zdnet.com/clicks?t=39249808-c ... f&s=5&fs=0



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Yep Yep Yep...Mike in about 4 or 5 years fiber will be on an aerial drop or from the ped straight to your house.

This is why dish was never the big threat it was supposed to be to broadband.

Through the air wireless will never be totaly reliable.

If someone doubts me just think of how many times you lost a cell phone signal or lost a connection with a wireless router.

This has been planned for a while now and the contracts for the fiber were drawn up over a year ago.

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They wired our area for Fios a couple of months ago. I spoke to one of the techs and the problem is that they have not finished training them so the availablilty is delayed.

I am glad that our local cable TV provider will finally be getting some competition. My cable TV costs are too expensive. The local cable monopoly must be sweating because they are now offering better deals.

I hope Fios is as good as they say.

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