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No GFCI Tester in Use


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I have read here the best method for testing the recepticle is the actual reset.

If the rest say on a counter are in series, I will then use my test button to trip the GFCI resets.

Sorry ..but I have not broken down to buy the sure test.I will later though as I am aware of it's amazing powers.

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Originally posted by randynavarro

Originally posted by randynavarro

For those of you who don't make use of the 'ole 3-light tester, what is your method for testing outlets?

Sorry, let me clarify.

How do you test non-GFCI protected outlets?

I use the good old 3 LED GFCI tester to check for:

1. Power

2. Correct wiring orientation

3. Ground present

For 2 prong and 240 Volt receptacles, I use a 240 Volt probe with the LEDs to ensure power and 120/240 Volts at the 240 Volt receptacles.

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