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My wife and I went to Hawaii for a honeymoon a few years ago, and used a travel agent for the first time. This gal knows her business, and built a great trip for us on our budget. Several times on our trip we were treated very well strictly because we were clients of her company.



Have a great time.

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Randy...I hear ya, but the *day* is in April. Gotta go then.

Mike...no. Military Academy Graduate only, but thanks.

Jesse...I'll certainly get in touch with her. Thanks. In these days of Expedia.com and the like, are travel agents still useful? I truly don't know, and the wife is the one shopping on the internet for vacation packages.

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Different strokes. The travel agent has spent a week out of every month in Hawaii for years. She can tell you which hike guide is a jackass, and which snorkeling trip is worth the money. I know the travel sites have ratings for all kinds of stuff, and maybe that works for you. Like I said before, we usually don't use travel agents - this time it worked out great.

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