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40 Amp Breaker Supplies Big Unit


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Hi Randy,

I think that if it's holding up and not tripping at 40 amps that it's just fine. It probably won't trip at all when the system is working fine, but it might begin tripping as the unit gets older and more worn and draws current above 40 but still less than 50 amps upon startup. If the feeder is only rated for 40 amps that could be a problem, when/if that occurs.

Now, try and remember that, like you, air conditioners are, for me, like little green men. Expect Jim or someone from an area where they are common to come on here and straighten me out most rikki tick.



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Originally posted by randynavarro

Nameplate on the condenser spec'd a max 50 amp fuse.

Feeder was 40 amp.

Is this a problem?

May the breaker just trip more frequently?

Randy, put this one in the live box, it's a good write up regarding "Using MCA and MOP Ratings to Safely Connect Your Field Wired Air Conditioner"

http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/KSIH ... _R0_EN.pdf

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