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Have You Collected Enough Nuts for Winter?


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Originally posted by randynavarro

What does an inspecting chap do when things are just dead slow?

I see from Les's post that he's too modest to give the true answer. Les has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for many years. While he's mostly played bit parts, he did receive top 'billing' one time back in '86 when he had the good fortune to star opposite Lea Thompson.

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All I can say is, Les was one lucky duck.

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Hi Les,

Out in the spare freezer in the garage there's about 15lbs of frozen/shelled walnuts. Every year at this time my wife raids the little overgrown town park nearby and collects a construction site cleanup bag full of those things and then very laboriously sets about drying, shelling, packaging and freezing the danged things. She even cleans the brown inner shell off the meat of the nuts before she freezes them! I don't know how she does it - it must be a cultural thing - because it's so mind-numbingly tedious that I can only do it for about 15 minutes.

I guess that until we experience "The Pulse" or a nuclear Armageddon that returns us to the last century, I'll buy them in the store when I need them but I can feel secure in the fact that my other half is superbly equipped to live off the land what with all of the ferns, walnuts, seaweed, and the myriad types of kimchi that she makes or prepares.

Nice forelock in that picture with Lea, by the way. I guess that was back when you had a full head of hair. At least you haven't lost your propensity to flirt with the younger ladies.



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