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MS Word alternate to AutoText

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I work for an inspector that has his own self made report template based on MS Word. It is not likely that he would move from this template because the customer base really likes the narrative style he has developed, and he has a lot invested in it.

I would like to have an "add-in" that would be a two or three level dropdown list box to select specific predefined text statements, some may be as large as 5K characters. When selected, it would paste the item at the current cursor location, and be formatted per the document formatting at that location. Since he already uses the native autotext in MS Word, it would need to not affect its operation.

I believe that several of the MS Word report systems out there do have capability similar to this, but I need something I can just install with our current MS Word report template. I'm sure that it could be developed, but perhaps someone has something that could work for us.


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