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Celotex Delamination Issues


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Hi All,

Has anyone heard anything definitive about a Celotex brand shingle recall. It turns out that a badly damaged roof that I inspected a few weeks ago is a Celotex brand cover and the roofer is claiming that the cover - not his work - is defective. Surprise!!!

Anyway, Celotex was apparently purchased by Certainteed and they're coming out to look at my client's roof. I googled the issue every which way and could not really find more than about 5 or 6 sites that directly referred to defective Celotex shingle. I thought that the brethren might know of a site where I could find definitive information - if any.



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Since this is in active litigation as a class action, it will probably be difficult to find anything definitive on the internet.

Here is the link to the law firm handling the suit and its current status:

http://www.halunenlaw.com/news/2006/11/ ... n-lawsuit/

That particular suit is related to defects from curling, cracking, and degranulation. There are also problems due to shingles not sealing and blowing off which are also being investigated. They are compiling a database of defects and brands to see if additional litigation should be pursued. They might have info on the Celotex shingles and the type of defect you have there.

A contractor thread talking about defective Celotex/Certainteed shingles is here:


Lots of homeowner complaints about defective Certainteed shingles and dissatisfaction with how they are being handled by the company here:

http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/re ... 18283.html

My knowledge of this is limited to what I've posted here. The best source of further info might be a phone call to the legal staffer who is handling the case.

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Is this a new problem??

I had defective Celotex shingles on my home in Mississippi, it was built in 1991. The previous homeowner filed a claim and was paid, but never replaced the shingles. Cracks started to show about a couple of years after I moved in in 1994. I contacted Celotex and found out about the claim being settled. The only way I got a new roof was compliments of Katrina!

The problem was with the adhesive strip and less asphalt in the shingles. The shingle's were tearing themselves apart from thermal expansion

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