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eatin' joint advice for Inspection World

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I've got a friend who lives in New Orleans so I asked him for some dining recommendations.

DISCLAIMER: His office relocated west and he hasn't worked or eaten lunch in this area for over a year. Restaurants change. If ya eat at one of these places and don't enjoy it, don't come after me with a hatchet.

He sent me this in an email:

With two hours for lunch, you can walk to any of these and of course you’ll have to try Drago’s at some point (chargrilled oysters. Good even if you don't normally like oysters)

Maspero’s, 601 Decatur in the French Quarter 504.523.6250. They have everything at 1/3 the cost of Mothers (a high priced tourist trap) and better atmosphere. A little bland, but lots of food for the money.

Tujaque’s at 823 Decatur in the French Quarter. Historic bar, unbelievable atmosphere and history, known for its brisket sandwich and gumbo at lunch. At least it was when I was working down there, not to be missed if possible.

Mike Serio’s 133 St. Charles, Po Boys, plate lunches, salads, huge LSU and Saints hang out

Lucy’s Retired Surfers Restaurant & Bar, 701 Tchoupitoulas St.

The Red Eye Grill is also good, on Tchoupitoulas but it’s strictly man burgers

Don’t forget the Ugly Dog BBQ

Personally, as an Arkansas native where we know how to do BBQ, I question whether any BBQ place in New Orleans will truly get it right. My advice is if it looks too clean and polished, it may be acceptable -- even "bad" BBQ beats a lot of meals I've had -- but it's probably not the best BBQ.

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